The laboratory "Plasma Surface Interactions and Plasma Technologies" was created at National Research Nuclear Unviersity MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) in 2014 within the Grant No. 14.Y26.31.0008 under the auspices of Government of Russian Federation (Government decree № 220 on April 9, 2010). The laboratory is aimed at conducting research in the fields of physics of plasma-material interactions for fusion and technological applications.

Main research activities of the laboratory are focused on issues related to:
  • plasma-material interactions in fusion devices, including trapping and transport of hydrogenic and He species in material, surface morphology and material properties modifications, development of new armor materials for the first wall, etc.
  • technological issues related to research of material hardening and fatigue modification, improvements of electric properties of materials used in capacitors, etc.
  • modeling of plasma and radiation transport processes in the edge of fusion devices.
The Laboratory is led by the leading scientistS.I. Krasheninnikov, professor of the University of California, San Diego.